Who are the Deadly Dames?

Before retiring, Catherine Astolfo saw so much of the dark side, including being up close and personal with psychopaths, that she decided to write suspenseful, edgy mysteries. She is thankful for her elementary school teacher experiences.
Emily Taylor Mysteries
The Bridgeman
Seventh Fire

Other Mysteries
Sweet Karoline
Up Chit Creek
Operation Babylift

As a child, Janet Bolin tried to organize a neighbourhood theatrical group, but friends balked at wearing old bathrobes and playing ugly stepsisters.  Working on Bay Street, Janet found her true calling—writing murder mysteries. She also wreaks havoc in kitchens, plays with needlecraft, and walks her two rescue dogs.
Threadville Mysteries
Dire Threads
Threaded for Trouble
Thread and Buried
Night of the Living Thread
Seven Threadly Sins

Deputy Donut Mysteries (as Ginger Bolton)

Survival of the Fritters

Alison Bruce is a real character, which may account for the fact that her characters seem so real. She never has her heroes do anything she hasn’t done herself—more or less. Of course, she is also a dyed-in-the-wool storyteller which means she’s a good liar.
Paranormal Suspense
Ghost Writer
Deadly Legacy
Deadly Season
A Bodyguard to Remember

Historical Fiction
Under A Texas Star
Hazardous Unions

Billed as Canada’s “Queen of Comedy" by the Toronto Sun, Melodie Campbell has connections in low places.  Don’t dig too deep.  You might find cement shoes. Melodie has won the Arthur Ellis, the Derringer, and eight other awards for crime fiction.  She didn’t even steal them.
The Goddaughter Series (Comic Caper)
The Goddaughter
The Goddaughter’s Revenge
The Artful Goddaughter
The Goddaughter Caper
The Bootlegger’s Goddaughter

Lands End Series (Humorous Time Travel)
Rowena Through the Wall
Rowena and the Dark Lord
Rowena and the Viking Warlord

Other books
A Purse to Die For
A Killer Necklace
Code Name Gypsy Moth

The B-Team
The Worst Date

When Joan O'Callaghan isn't dreaming up innovative ways to off the people on her hit list, she can be found in the classrooms of OISE/ U of T, unleashing a new generation of English teachers on unsuspecting teenagers, or prowling around yarn shops with Melodie Campbell.
Amazing Days
Places to Go, People to See, Things to Do,
All Across Canada
Maverick Publisher

Mesdames of Mayhem
Mesdames of Mayhem 13 O’Clock

Mesdames of Mayhem 13 Claws
World Enough and Crime
That Golden Summer
Starship Goodwords

Every team has a mascot, and Nancy O’Neill is ours.  She is our Super Reader and brings a reader’s, not a writer’s, eye to our work. She represents the universal reader whose approval we all strive for.

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