Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Arthur Results are in and...

I am still a Finalist.

There's no shame in being a Finalist. I am in good company... such good company that I'm going to include them as well as the Winners.

Best Novel
  • Peggy Blair, Hungry Ghosts, Simon & Schuster
  • Andrew Hunt, A Killing in Zion, Minotaur Books
  • Peter Kirby, Open Season, Linda Leith Publishing
  • Inger Ash Wolfe, The Night Bell, McClelland & Stewart
Best First Novel
  • J. Mark Collins, Hard Drive, iUniverse
  • David Hood, What Kills Good Men, Vagrant Press
  • Ausma Zehanat Khan, The Unquiet Dead, Minotaur Books
  • Alexis Koetting, Encore, Five Star
  • Brian R. Lindsay, Old Bones, Volumes Publishing
Best Novella
  • Jeremy Bates, Black Canyon, Dark Hearts, Ghillinnein Books
  • Alison Bruce, Deadly Season, Imajin Books
  • M.H. Callway, Glow Glass, Carrick Publishing
  • Barbara Fradkin, The Night Thief, Orca Book Publishers
  • Brian Harvey, Beethoven’s Tenth, Orca Book Publishers
Best Short Story
  • Karen Abrahamson, With One Shoe, Playground of Lost Toys, Exile Editions
  • Hilary Davidson, The Seige, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine
  • Sharon Hunt, The Water Was Rising, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine
  • Scott Mackay, The Avocado Kid, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine
  • S. G. Wong, Movable Type, AB Negative Anthology, Coffin Hop Press
Meilleur roman policier en langue française
  • Luc Chartrand, L'Affaire Myosotis, Québec Amérique
  • Jean-Louis Fleury, L'affaire Céline, Éditions Alire
  • André Jacques, La bataille de Pavie, Druide
  • Jean Lemieux, Le mauvais côté des choses, Québec Amérique
  • Guillaume Morrissette, L'affaire Mélodie Cormier, Guy Saint-Jean éditeur
Best Juvenile/YA Book
  • Robert Hough, Diego’s Crossing, Annick Press
  • Jeff Ross, Set You Free, Orca
  • Kevin Sands, The Blackthorn Key, Aladdin
  • Allan Stratton, The Dogs, Scholastic
  • Stephanie Tromly, Trouble is a Friend of Mine, Kathy Dawson Books
Best Nonfiction Book
  • Gary Garrison, Human on the Inside: Unlocking the Truth about Canada’s Prisons,
    University of Regina Press
  • Dean Jobb, Empire of Deception, HarperCollins Publishers
  • Debra Komar, The Bastard of Fort Stikine: The Hudson’s Bay Company and the Murder of John McLoughlin Jr., Goose Lane Editions
  • Jerry Langton, Cold War, Harper Collins Publishers
  • Colleen Lewis and Jennifer Hicks, Mr. Big: The Investigation into the Deaths of Karen and Krista Hart, Flanker Press
The Dundurn Unhanged Arthur for Best Unpublished First Crime Novel
  • Jayne Barnard, When the Flood Falls
  • Alice Bienia, Knight Blind
  • Pam Isfeld, Brave Girls
  • J.T. Siemens, Better the Devil You Know
  • J.G. Toews, Give Out Creek
Congratulations to the Winners
and a quiet toast to my fellow finalists.

Bloody Caesar of course.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Schrödinger's Cat and Deadly Season

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I tried to explain Erwin Schrödinger's thought experiment involving a cat and poison sealed in a box to my kids. It didn't go over very well.

"Simple. If there's yowling and the box is shaking, the cat is alive," said my son Sam.

"If it's a cardboard box, but this is a hypothetical box," said I.

"Then the cat's alive. You can't kill a real cat with a hypothetical box."

"It just means that until you know what something is, it could be anything."

"Then why not just say that?"

"Because "Schrödinger's Cat" sounds cooler." Which was a lame argument on my part, but an honest one.

Right now I have a "Schrödinger's Cat" type situation. Up until Thursday, May 26, at approximately 8:30pm, Deadly Season might be a winner of an Arthur. And it might not. Every finalist is in the same position. However, unlike the poor cat, death is not the other option. Whatever happens, we are finalists and that's pretty damned good on its own.

PS: This is my 300th post. Woo-hoo!