Friday, April 22, 2016

Arthur Ellis Award Finalist

And the finalists for Best Crime Novella are...

Jeremy Bates, Black Canyon, Dark Hearts
M.H. Callway, Glow Glass, Carrick Publishing
Barbara Fradkin, The Night Thief, Orca Book Publishers
Brian Harvey, Beethoven’s Tenth, Orca Book Publishers

and me...
Alison Bruce, Deadly Season, Imajin Books

Tough competition, but great company to find myself in.

For more of the 2016 Shortlists, check out the Shortlist Page.  (It's been an exciting evening and now I need to sleep.)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What have I forgotten?

On the evening of April 21, the Arthur Ellis Shortlists will be announced. As I write this, it's two sleeps and many checklists away.

There's the media checklist, the presenter checklist, and the I am an author doing a reading checklist. Then there's the everyday work checklists because not everything is about the Arthurs.

Add getting a hair cut to one of the lists. And I mustn't forget I have an appointment with the kiniseologist... kineiseo... the guy who makes sure I exercise properly.

Oh, and there was something else. I wrote it down somewhere. What was it?

Of course...

Imajin Books is having a big sale. 
  • All single titles will be on for $0.99
  • Trilogy bundles will be $1.99 (and a couple of longer books)
  • Other bundles & anthologies will be $2.99

Monday, April 4, 2016

Time for Coffee

One day my mother was grumbling about the cobbler's children. I was a child myself at the time and wondered who the Cobbler's were and what their children had been doing at my house without my knowledge.

My mother further mystified me by pointing to the cracked window pane in the dining room.

"The cobbler made shoes for everyone but his own children went barefoot."

Cobbler equaled shoemaker. One mystery solved. Then the other proverbial shoe dropped. My father was in the glass business, but our window was broken and had been as long as I could remember. (I think it finally got taken care of when my parents sold the house... or maybe not.)

When it comes to writing my blog, I'm the cobbler and it's my barefoot child.

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. It's been one month since I last posted on my blog.

As you can see, I'm relying on coffee to help write this post. It's midnight and I need something to keep me going. Decaff gives me a headache, but coffee art can keep me going for a while. Okay, coffee art on the screen and a very dark roast beside me... but how else can I espresso myself?

I've been on a run of coffee art. You might have noticed if you follow me on Facebook. I've been combining my characters with their favorite brew and a quote about how great they are in hopes that you'll go read about them (books available online at Amazon and Indigo, and via your public library if you request them.)

Now I the coffee is done and so am I.