Saturday, September 7, 2013

Hazardous Unions Launch



Two unforgettable stories of courage, strength and honor.

On sale in Kindle for only 99 cents for a limited time.

For more information, check out the book page.


Don't miss a thing! 

September 8
The Dark Phantom Review - Author Interview
The Story Behind the Book
Kat at Charlene Raddon's Chatterbox

September 9
Alison at Chris Redding, Author Blog
Kat at Susan Macleod's Blog

September 10
Alison & Kat at the HAZARDOUS UNIONS Facebook Launch Party
HAZARDOUS UNIONS Featured on Susan Horsnell, Western Romance Author
Kat at Kenna McKinnon's Blog
Kat at The Writer's Life

September 11
Kat and Alison interviewed on - Arts & Entertainment
Kat and Alison interviewed on Open Salon
Maggie and Matty character interview on Beyond the Books
Kat at Peggy Henderson's Blog
As the Pages Turn - Read a Chapter

September 12
HAZARDOUS UNIONS Author interview on American Chronicle
Alison and Kat interviewed at The Red Room
Alison at Gloria Ferris Mysteries Goodreads Interview

September 13
Alison at Bad Girl Melodie Campbell
Kat at Caroline Clemmons' Writer's Life
Maggie shares at Lily Graison's First Kiss
Kat and Alison - 5 Questions by She Writes
Conversation with Kat Flannery and Alison Bruce

September 14
Alison at Rosemary McCracken, Moving Target

September 15
Alison at Kenna McKinnon's Blog

September 16
Alison at Lyn Horner's Blog

September 17
Alison at Catherine Astolfo's Katy's Words


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