Lifelong Storyteller

When you spend a big chunk of your childhood in the backseat of a car, you learn to make your own entertainment. I made up stories.

I started writing when I was eleven or twelve. My first story was about nuclear Armageddon. My teacher sent a note home to my mother. He was very worried about me.

I wrote my first novel while pretending to take notes in Nutrition. I lost it in the women's washroom at Ryerson University. (No I didn't flush it.)

Copywriter, editor and graphic designer since 1992, I have also been a comic store manager, small press publisher, webmaster and arithmetically challenged bookkeeper. When I wasn't working, I wrote the first few drafts of what would become UNDER A TEXAS STAR and DEADLY LEGACY.

Then my family went into crisis. In one month my mother, father and sister were all diagnosed with different forms of cancer. I was already the mother of a toddler. My second child was born months after my mother’s death. For the next eight years my career was virtually on hold while took care of everyone. But I kept writing fiction. I rewrote my second book and polished up my first. I wrote another four novels and a few longish short stories.

One of those books would become A BODYGUARD TO REMEMBER. One of the long shorts became the novella DEADLY SEASON.

I am the Canadian Alison Bruce

A funny thing happened a couple of years ago. I found out that there was another Alison Bruce writing mysteries. She also lived near Cambridge and had two children - just like me. One small difference, the Cambridge I live near is in Ontario, Canada and hers is England. Our virtual paths crossed after a case of mistaken identity and we have since become friends. But even we get confused some days.

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